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About Krishan Kumar Bedi

Krishan Bedi was born on 15 June 1967 in Kurukshetra (HRY). He has done schooling from Govt. Senior Model School, KKR. He took his graduation degree from University College of Kurukshetra (KUK). After the completion of graduation, he’s done his Post Graduation in 1992 from the KUK University.

He took part in student Union Election in 1989. Then he fought M.C. Election in Kurukshetra, 1994. That time, he was the youngest M.C. of Kurukshetra. In 1996 he became a secretary in B.J.P. Mandal Thanesar.

In 1998, he was the general secretary in B.J.P. Yuva Morcha (B.J.Y.M.) and after his momentous journey of secretary, he became the Dist. President in B.J.Y.M. Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha, KKR. Then in 2002, he touched the new heights by becoming State General Secretary in S.C. Morcha in Haryana.

In 2004, he fought his first M.L.A. Election in (Radour) constituency Dist.Yamuna Nagar (YNR). Then he became the State President S.C. Morcha in 2005-2007, Haryana.

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testimonials He is truly a great personality. After approaching to him and telling all the issues that I had confronting he helps us a lot throughout his work. Thanks for helping us in our major difficulty. We are with you krishan!

Gagan Kamboj

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